Sabine Kearns

Sabine was born in South Africa, and moved to Canada in 1997 with her husband and two young boys.  After living in British Columbia for twenty one years, she now calls beautiful Nova Scotia home.

Sabine lives in the small, seaside community of Hunts Point on the South Shore, where she works from her home studio.  Ever since Sabine was a young child, she enjoyed drawing and making art.  Apart from a few art workshops, she’s a self taught artist, and enjoys painting in acrylics using bold, vibrant colours and clean lines. 

Sabine loves nature, and one of her favourite pastimes is to find inspiration in beautiful hidden coves and white sand beaches, wildflower fields and old barns, or craggy cliffs and sheltered harbours. 

Sabine says: “My art is happy art, that reflects my peaceful life.  It’s a privilege to create something that brings joy to others, and I hope that through my art I can make someone smile, and maybe help make the world a little brighter.”

Sabine’s Work available in the Gallery